Wowprogress not updating achievements Live two way chat

Posted by / 18-Oct-2019 15:22

Wowprogress not updating achievements

There is a sticky at the top of this very forum about this; Why haven't my Xbox One Game Stats or Challenges updated - Find out here There have been 1,960 posts in the last 24 hours.

It probably changed when you singed into your xbox one.

Is each person tied to only 1 server, even though achievements/pets are account wide?

So, really he gave a non-answer which is typical of Blizzard.I've been looking at the Pet Score server ratings board over there and am kind of confused as to how it works.A person will get added to the list the first time you tell it to scan for their guild, but then hitting the 'update guild progress' button seems to only check for new guild members, and not update the existing ones.Besides; this is Wowprogress we're talking about; even if all they do is his suggestion of tracking max-level Pv P wins you know Wowprogress is going to blow that up to mean something it doesn't in terms of 'Pet Score'.To update Pet Score on wowprogress you must update your MAIN profile and when I say "main" profile it's not what you probably think is your "main" character, it's what wowprogress show you as main character.

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If you click the Adorn Calc button when viewing a Character, you'll be taken to the calculator with your existing adornments already populated, making it even easier to build a shopping list for adornments!