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This prevents or reduces kill-stealing or mob camping by unrelated individuals, but has been known to make some players feel lonely. live team: The game developers who are assigned to maintain, improve, and run an MMP post-ship.Often, those who create, develop, and launch a game do not stay on the project after it has shipped, so live teams are hired to take up the helm after launch.This way, the world up close looks very realistic; things further away are simplified to improve game performance.Back in the early days of Turbine, we called this "degrade mode," leading to odd questions like, "Has he been degraded yet? Text-only multiplayer internet games; MUDs came in many varieties ranging from adventure-oriented MUDs like LPMUDs, to cooperative building environments, or even chat room MUDs.Expansions often are sold on store shelves, in contrast to free downloadable updates. A bug either in the game's code or in the game's design that allows players to give themselves unintended advantages.For example, if a player finds a dupe bug and makes lots of money, that is an exploit.Means of duping are almost never intentionally given to players.expansion, expansion pack: An expansion is a new addendum to an existing game, usually adding new features, new virtual terrain to explore, and so on.

Dupe bugs, because of the way they allow players to bypass the game economy, are usually very serious problems.

Players may also have to pay for the initial game client (unclear if that counts as f2p). feature: (noun) A feature is a clearly defined, useful or beneficial characteristic of a game.

The ability of a player to choose his character's face is a feature.

G is training for the Maine Marathon in the fall and said he's using the marathon training fitness for some shorter races during the summer.

It's impressed me how many specialized words have arisen in the online world, in this case the online game world.

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It can be intimidating or confusing to someone completely new to online gaming.