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Thev both depict .1 strong man physically and mentally. The crown may have been added to show the princely race of O'Neill. This portrait was acquired lv the O'Neill of Lisbon some years ago. 5 quenes county of leixe in the realme of Ireland gentilman, being the Ryght full bearers of theys sochens of honor by just decent, parentage and p' heniynance of birth from his auncestors who long since very aunciently, as may appeare by the Regesters and Recordes of my office, hath, for ther famyly and surname of Hoveden \v th in the Realme of england, borne the auncient Cote of arms hereafter followyng to wyt Checkye Silver and Sables on bende gules i i j lyones heades Rased golde, and that not knowyng of any creast or cognisance properly belongyng to the same, as unto very many auncient Armes there be none, hath therefore Required me the sayd Clarencieulx Kyng of Armes to serche discover and deliver vnto him out of the Auncient Regysters of myne offis his sayd auncient Armes w th creast or cognisance to be addyd, mete and lawfull to be borne w th out preiudice or offence of any other. They had reference to letting the lands to freeholders and also to leaseholders for lives, but specially debarred the transference of estates to other men. One N on-Commissioned Officer may be allowed to have charge of the Band." 13 February, 1798. Hutchinson is sorry to repeat the Orders which he gave last summer, but in consequence of the information he has received the Downshire Regiment is again informed that the King's Cockade is Black, which all Officers and Soldiers are ordered to wear; and therefore are not to presume to appear in any other. (Author of "A History of the Irish Presbyterians." ) HE Warden family have for many years been settled in the north-east of County Down.

It had been brought to Belfast by a reduced family from Dublin. 3 one of whom had Ijeen in office in the Viceregal Lodge, where it was said he had found it stowed away in a lumber room, and that it had formerly hung in Dublin Castle. In consideracon wherof I the sayd Clarencieulx Kyng of Armes by Power and aucthoritye to me conveyed by letters patentes vnder the great Seale of england. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Walter Cheevers, and left (with a daughter Joanne, wife of Captain John Barrington, of Cullenagh Castle, ancestor of the famous Sir Jonah Barrington) several sons. The Mercers were to make six freeholders of one balliboe each (about 60 acres) and ten leaseholders for lives, the former to pay ninepence English the acre and the latter twelvepence. The Royal Downshire did not apparently approve of the colour of Cockades, the Regulation Cockade, and probably there may have been something of a Party nature in this, for we find General Orders. Meetings and Associations of Meetings every kind among the Soldiers are strictly forbidden: they can tend to and Asso- . Hugh Warden (1681-1750) was a farmer, living at Ballycastle, near Greyabbey, in the Ardes.

Later on in the same vear we find him at the English Court as a ,.c,. - In the winter of J 587 Aodh Ruadh O'Donnell was kidnapped by Sir John Perrott, and held as a hostage for the clan of which his father Aodh O'Donnell was chief. Sir Francis Walsingham, " touching the enlargement of O'Donnell's son who married his daughter, and also the continuance of the Government's maintenance to him, i Nc. So having thought good to signify this much to your Lordships, we humbly take our leave.' 4 1 In the Spanish official list she is given as i Sc) men. of powder, with lead and match,' 5 which, in view of their being on active service, was no doubt supplied. saying he and his posterity may seek a dwelling in another country for their having betrayed the iq88 Spaniards and their refuge," and Bingham, ever opposed to O'Neill, Oct. promising evervthing the Council required, so die charges were shelved, the Lord Deputv and Council saying in their covering enclosure that there was not proof or time when these things were done and the investigation 'Sir Henry O'Neill, of Kenard, grandfather of Sir Phelim O'Neill, who headed the Ulster rising of 1641. 1595, Troops were put in motion against O'Neill, and the Earl of '" 4tl Ormonde, writing to Burghley from Ardee, says: "I understood within three days of my Lord Deputy's departure that some of the traitors' dwellings were near me in the borders of Earney, whereupon f went thither with my own companies, and burned the dwelling-places of Henry Ovenden and Art Braddagh O'Hagan, two of the traitorous Earl's chief men, together with seven or eight villages belonging to other traitors, who Ijefore my coming into the country were at the burning of divers towns and villages in the Pale." 1 So reported the valiant head of the house of Butler, who, at a latter period in this struggle, showed no desire to meet these same " traitors " in the open field. March, and April ; meantime, Henry Hovenden was by no means idle - as he writes to O'Neill, regarding a Spanish messenger, also touching a 1596, . This Spanish messenger was to " pass as a man of Galway ' ; and the letter, of which he was the bearer, afterwards played an important part in O'Neill's dealings with the English Government. In connection with the coming of the Scots, the following words of Peter Heylin, the chaplain of Charles I., are interesting.

orn in Ireland, and from this time onward plays an important part in all the affairs of O'Neill. Hovenden is once more a messenger to Burghley, who paid to him for O'Neill a sum of money, acknowledging which O'Neill naively asks that judgment of him be suspended till he can repair over. and will, God willing, be doing with the Spaniards, as we may find our best advantage, though we are in doubt whether the country be true to us or not. of corn powder, with match and lead, accordingly;" 2 and on October 8th they sent in another application for 2 cwt. Sir William Russell, but O'Neill boldly came up to Dublin to repel them, without making any of the usual conditions for his safety, made "a most humble submission." as the officials put it. number of troops over from England, and the long struggle commenced that was only to end when Elizabeth lay dead. 15th chieftains, being ably assisted in the ensuing discussions by his astute secretary. ft was during these negotiations with Elizabeth's Commissioners, which lasted eleven days, that O'Neill stated that he could " not give them full satisfaction in regard to a point that was raised, because his secretary Henry Hovenden was absent, and he could not trust another to write for him on such matters." 2 This attempt at a settlement proved abortive, merely resulting in a truce for Eebruary. March 20 tine which he claims as his "gain so long as f am supplying your Lord- ship's room," from which it may be inferred that he was acting as O'Neill's representative. Since no direct evidence is available as to the character of the earliest clergy of the Companies' proportions, we can but trust to the general history of the time.

Mercers' Proportion rent by the Roll for the year ended at Faster, 1(128, ,.'200 ; rent by the information of Sir Thomas Phillips, $qn ; buildings bv the viewer's report, ^1,438; by their own report, ^"3,500. 3 In this he had a direct interest, as the petition was for certain sums of money as arrears of pay due to O'Neill's bands, of which he was a Captain, and which they were praying the scanty Treasury of Elizabeth to grant. as Captain of his country, kept ostensibly for the service of the English Government ; they consisted of both horse and foot soldiers, and were different in training to the usual following of an Irish chief, as O'Neill, if he had not already learned it under Giles "Christopher Preston, 4th Visct. We may, therefore, take it as only in course that Feb. and was slain, with the total defeat of his band and that of Sir Warham St. " 4 The final result of the Armada matter, as far as Richard and Henrv Hovenden were concerned, is found in "A Note of the Earl of Tireon s Grievances." dated 14th March. wherein the fourth article runs " The Earl's foster brothers. having the leading of 200 footmen at the Earl's charges, overthrew 500 or 600 Spaniards and brought all the best of them to the Earl, whom he sent to the now Lord Deputy (Sir William Fitzwilliam) ; but neither they (the Hovendens) nor the Earl, had any recompence for that service, or so much as part of the ransom ol the prisoners (which was great), they being greatly indebted for the furnishing of their companies at that time.'"' '593. O'Neill, who had been proclaimed a traitor at Dundalk and Newry, was now- the O'Neill in name as he had long been in power, and claimed to represent not onlv himself but the other Ulster 596, ... who fortified Coleraine and built Londonderry, and purchased many thousand acres of land in the parts adjoining. messenger from the Baron of Dungannon to Burghley, and Hovenden also ^" ov - 3 otl1 - petitions the Privy Council to grant O'Neill's suit. Although but a lad of fifteen or sixteen, he was already betrothed to O'Neill's daughter, and was also the favourite of the clansmen for the chieftainship in succession to his father, in preference to several other candidates, some of whose claims by the law of Tanistry '588; were much stronger. 1 have written to Captain Walter Hovenden to resort to your honour touching these causes, unto whom I beseech your honour to impart your resolution in this behalf." This Captain Walter Hovenden was the fourth son of Giles Hovenden. ~I.a Armada Invencible quoted in Ireland under the 1'udors, III., 189. O'Neill, while professing to please the English Government and making offers of service against the Spaniards, was, nevertheless, suspected 1588, of being friendly to them, as Geoffrey Fenton, writing to the Deputy. 10th writing to the Deputy, gives " advice how to attack the main body of 3.000 Spaniards, and to secure Dublin from the attacks of Tireon and Feagh Mac Aodh O'Beirn, Mistrusts the two Hovendens. The war dragged its slow length along without result, for the country was difficult, and the gallant Sir John Norris had not men enough to effect anything decisive, so that if the conquest of Lister was to be achieved greater efforts must be put forth and greater sacrifices made than r un e Jd Elizabeth, was prepared for, and as an alternative policy negotiations were and 26th resorted to once more. " Hereupon followed the Plantation of Ulster, first undertaken by the City of London. 7 ct - IUn own version of the expedition against Maguir. " The incumbent or vicar (of Kilrea) is Robert Hogg, an ancient Mr. and he according- sent in to the Lord Deputv and Council his ^ I 593 . Mean- while the incumbent (living not far from his church) dischargeth the cure himself." This is the Maddei referred to above as occupying one of the frame houses at Mercers Castle, Movanagher.

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Tristram Beresford, the agent of the Irish Society, objected to inquiry bv a Commission into the number of natives on the Londoners' estates, declaring that thev were "purchasers, not planters." "From the Phillips MS.

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