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At the gig, Holly and I sat in the balcony above the stage. The bass player, Guy Berryman, looked at me and said wryly: "Thanks a lot. We couldn't get any sense out of him for ages." Having just watched Chris under the spotlight, the subject of adulation, I suddenly felt uncomfortable staring at him face to face.

Two songs into the set, Chris thanked everyone for coming and introduced the next song: "This one's called Such a Rush. "Congratulations," I mumbled and, not knowing what to say, I turned on my heels and left.

The next second he threw his arms around me, rolling us off the chaise and tumbling under the furniture.

"I call it my commando roll," said Chris, and I burst out laughing, partly from nerves, partly from embarrassment. But a week later I was in bed when there was a knock at my door.

Instead, he spent the evening clutching a fruit juice.

Over the next few days, Chris stayed around, sleeping in the college room of one of his old friends from home.

I wriggled free from his grasp without waking him and left. Then I heard my door open, and his footsteps echo across the floor. Word got round that Coldplay were playing at Camden's Barfly.

According to the Mirror, the couple - who have been dating for two years - are 'planning to get married in a secret London location'.

“Of course Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow will be there, as will the rest of the band and a selection of close friends from the group’s intimate circle," the source added.

When I asked him about the root of the "angst" in his songs, wondering if it was due to some sexual frustration or erotic tension, he blushed crimson and spluttered: "I'm too young to have had any of those experiences." But while I wasn't attracted to him, I found his childlike-naivety charming.

Chris revealed he didn't drink or do drugs because he was a "happy little chappie", so I arranged to meet him afterwards in the college bar, hoping to see him give in to temptation.

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