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Who is brandon novak dating

His main task is outreach.“I help whoever, however, whenever,” he said.It’s not just talk: Novak insisted that his personal phone number be listed in this article.“It doesn’t quite sit so right any longer because I know there is a way up and out of my position-- provided I get the fuck out of my way, because I am the only thing that is blocking me from getting better.”Novak credits his higher power for helping him come to this realization.“There was no human power that had the ability to get me sober or keep me sober. “I changed homes, I changed careers, I changed women, all in hopes that would fix me: external solutions for the internal void.

He says that his own struggle with addiction — played out in tabloids and television specials for all to see — makes him relatable to people who are at their lowest point.“People call me and they say, ‘Novak, if you can get clean there is no reason why I can’t. ’”And he helps them all, whether it’s his former colleague Bam Margera, who Novak helped get into treatment last month, or a fan he has never met.“The disease of addiction does not discriminate,” he said.This May, he will celebrate three years in recovery.For the first time, in that 13 treatment center, he realized that he had options for happiness that didn’t involve shooting up or snorting his way to oblivion.“It’s very hard to shoot a bag of heroin when it’s done with NA; it’s very hard to drink a glass of alcohol when it’s done with AA,” Novak said. MAKING THE MOST OF SECOND CHANCES: Former MTV reality star @Brandon_Novak visited this morning to share is story about drug addiction and recovery.Brandon Novak has had many life experiences that most people only read about. I had been medevaced at four different hospitals at four different states for four different overdoses. People were taking life insurance policies out on me.”Despite his success, Novak was an addict.

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Bam Margera stopped by with Brandon Novak to promote 'Jackass 3D' and told Howard how he'd seriously injured himself on the film's set several times--only to see most of those stunts end up on the cutting room floor: "The only thing that made it is the broken shoulder." Bam suffered the most serious recent injury outside a bar he owns in West Chester, PA after an angry neighbor clubbed his skull with a bat: "I was bleeding internally in my head for two days." Howard asked if Bam was still together with Missy, his wife as of his last appearance, so Bam said they were married but living separately: "It's strange because it's better than ever in a weird way.

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