Who invented radioactive dating used for the turin shroud

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Artistic evidence: The man depicted on the "Shroud" strikes many people as being Jesus because it "looks like Jesus".

That's because it "looks like" traditional representations of Jesus that have dominated western art for centuries: a man with flowing, shoulder-length hair and a neat, short beard.

Documentary evidence: The first reference to the "Shroud" dates to 1390, when the Bishop of Troyes, Bishop Pierre d' Arcis, wrote a letter to the Pope in Avignon, Clement VII, telling him that a noble family in his diocese was displaying a relic for veneration that was in fact a fake.

He informed Clement that this supposed "Shroud" had also been displayed by the De Charny family about 35 years earlier and that it had been investigated by the then Bishop of Troyes, Henri de Poitiers, who had been suspicious of how such a major relic could suddenly appear in the hands of French family and sceptical that there would be no mention of a miraculous image on the burial cloths of Jesus in the gospels or any other Christian writing of the previous millennium.

Thus almost all Medieval artistic depictions show people with out of proportion heads - ie exactly what we find on the so-called "Shroud".4.

But he also granted indulgences to any pilgrims who went to see this "representation", so his cash-strapped relatives still got the pilgrims and money they were seeking via their scam in the first place.

In 2009 archaeologists found a Jewish tomb from the First Century that contained the very first example of shroud wrappings from this period.

They too were plain weave linen, not the Medieval-style herringbone twill weave of the "Shroud".

A devout Jew like Jesus would not have had long hair or a fashionable beard at all, but would have kept both trimmed to avoid association with paganism.

A typical Jew of Jesus' time, reconstructed from archaeological and historical sources So the image on the so-called "Shroud" does not conform to what we know about the appearance of First Century Jews like Jesus, yet conforms exactly to what we know of Fourteenth Century art.

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