Who 50 cent dating 2016

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Who 50 cent dating 2016

It’s the equivalent of winning a one-in-a-million lottery with two tickets. I’m a little split on this one, because it wouldn’t look anywhere near as impressive if the pseudoscience sites had to explain that they found a really cool coincidence but it only worked if you converted normal latitude into a different hypothetical latitude system that had 100 degrees.

A second issue: if the latitude of the Great Pyramid had been 10.7925 N, that would be the speed of light in kilometers per hour, which would be an equally impressive match. Like I said before, the other two pyramids at Giza are noticeably less impressive than the Great Pyramid. But since we know the aliens/Atlanteans use base 10 anyway (they’re encoding their wisdom in the base 10 representation of the speed of light) it makes more sense for them to use a base 10 latitude system instead of replicating our own bizarre custom of using base 10 for everything else but having latitude go from 0 to 90.

So now we have a total of 128 x 3 x 2 x 4 = 3072 lottery tickets, for a 1/300 chance of winning the one-in-a-million lottery.

If ancient aliens or Atlanteans built the pyramids, why would they encode their secret wisdom using a unit of measurement from 1600s France?

But that gives you way more precision than you need – cutting off the last three digits actually gets you closer rather than further from the center of the Pyramid.

The only numbers that are doing any work are the 29.9792° N.

This should really make the multiplication more complicated because I can no longer use all the different ways of representing latitude vs. This one is hard, because I don’t know if anywhere else has the ancient alien-related credibility of the Great Pyramid.

longitude, but I’ll stick with the simple method for now. The only equally mysterious site I can think of is Stonehenge, and maybe the Nazca Lines.

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But there’s a way around this objection: the 1600s French people defined their meter as 1/10,000,000th the distance between the Equator and the North Pole.