Weather not updating speed dating uk midlands

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Weather not updating

I’m using the below method and not the zip file to help avoid bloat, which my install already suffers from.

Edit 2: I created a video resource for the below steps you can find here.

Weatherman has listed the solution I will describe here.Edit: As a partial alternative to the below, you can install a Weather Underground zip file found here.You will still need to generate the WU API key per instructions below.THURSDAY FORECAST: Clouds will continue to thin out during the day, leaving us with mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. THURSDAY NIGHT: Clouds will increase with slight chance of a shower or storm overnight. LONG-RANGE FORECAST HIGHLIGHTS: Rain odds balloon to 50%-60% Friday, though, and there could be some locally heavy activity.The weekend through early next week forecast won't be a washout as there will be sunny intervals.

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If I tap on the weather app from the app list on the watch, nothing happens - no message or change in display or anything.