Validating checkboxes with php

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Validating checkboxes with php

Insert Remove and Resize Rows Columns and Cells - Organizing Data in Excel Learn how to insert, remove, re-size, cut, copy, paste, and delete rows, columns, and cells in Excel.This tutorial shows you how to edit the appearance and location of rows, columns, and cells in order to change the organization of the data within the worksheet.Enter Data Numbers and Lists into Excel Learn the basics of entering data, numbers, and lists in Excel.This tutorial is for the beginner who is not very familiar with or has never used Excel.

This video provides an overview of these features and attempts to show you why you might want or need to use Excel.

This tutorial is an introduction to using the Format as Table feature and does not cover all of the possible benefits of this feature in depth.

Using this feature allows you to quickly add new rows to the table that are already formatted to fit the table; add a Total Row to the table in order to perform quick calculations in the data; quickly change the entire format, look, and feel of the table; perform sorting and filtering on the table; and much more.

This tutorial shows you how to use the Auto Sum feature to easily enter functions on sets of numbers without having to know much if anything about the functions that are being entered into Excel.

This feature also allows you to quickly enter many functions at once.

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This includes the three main ways to add charts to your workbooks and worksheets, including two keyboard shortcuts, and an overview of how to use the three chart editing tabs that appear after you add a chart or graph in Excel 2007.