Updating versamail

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Updating versamail

Backup everything using Resco Backup or similar to an SD card (or hotsync first) and then do a hard-reset. Wonder when they'll have OS X support for x86 machines natively, not running the Power PC app under Rosetta. Wonder when they'll upgrade the OS to something that doesn't hang for 30 seconds or reset at the whim of individual programs. I spent FOUR hours rebuilding everthing from the last AT&T updater.

And also, I thought the 680 supported SDHC cards out of the box. In the old palm desktop apps you had loads of different color combinations possible and in the diary view your different categories had the respective colors show now all you get is a dank miserable grey all over. Palm need to get it together before I dump my treo for the Iphone.

And then a hard reset to clean all and avoid any possible problems. My plan was to install the applications again from scratch after doing the update because I had a lot of stuff installed that I didn't want at all, that's why I cleaned all. I would say the phone seems slightly more responsive now. For example before when selecting a contact (while in the readonly view) the Home addresses where shown as Work addresses (a bug only in the readonly view) and now that is fixed.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

If I remember correctly, Palm never heard of it, and refers you to AT&T, who state that it's a Palm update and out of their control. I installed all basic apllications after clean install and there is no bluetooh problem after update. I did not reinstall all files, but one of the files in the queue fo reinstallation mustbe causing this problem.

Regards Darek Oh well, I can't get the installer to work.

Palm just needs to come up with a driver for their Palm Desktop to accomodate 64bit OS's. Apple just did it (Itunes now works with 64bit OS's) so Palm can do it just fine...

Note, this update does not apply to all unlocked GSM Treo 680s. Those who bought their phones in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and have English and Chinese support, are running: TREO680-1.05-APR The update will not install.

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I did the update yesterday although I wasn't too sure after reading the posts of other users.