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Unfortunately for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage owners, there’s no word on the Audible support update coming to the mid-range e-readers.It’s possible the feature could be coming to these devices down the road, but there’s currently no mention of it on the product page.If you’re not sure what model you have you can check the Which Kindle E-reader do I have? I missed the March 16th 2016 deadline to automatically update my kindle, so I followed the instructions on Amazon's website. I am using the right file, I have 3.4 trying to update to 3.4.2 but the update option under settings is greyed out.In the past few years, the number of Kindle models has increased exponentially, thus giving a plenty of options for the avid readers to choose the most suitable Kindle device.The market share of the Kindle has also grown over the years, and now, the situation is completely in the favor of the Kindle, as there is no company to challenge the company and its products. It may take a few hours to a week for your update to be live.As for readers who downloaded the older version, they can update their file to the new version but they will have to sign in to Amazon, go to Manage my Kindle, find your book file and then download the updated version.

The update page says this setting is on the Reading Settings menu, but that’s not right.Amazon has started rolling out a new firmware update for Kindle ebook readers that changes how highlighting works.It’s a minor change but now there’s an additional setting that lets you turn off the highlight menu when selecting a passage of text.Audible is actually owned by Amazon, so it makes sense that the company would integrate its audiobook service with its popular e-readers, allowing users to purchase books in their preferred format.New Audible customers can sign up for the service’s free trial and get two audiobooks on the house.

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The amazon support person gave me the link for the version that's on their website, the one that doesn't work.