Updating intellisense hangs 2016

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Updating intellisense hangs 2016

It provides everything that is necessary for file or folder operations.

It also allows for most simple file reading and writing operations, and to gather information about drives, directories and files.

The Filesystem Object, on which all the stored procedures in this article rely, is a component of the scripting runtime library.

Create the ufs Readfile As String procedure and try something like…Thankfully, when armed with OLE Automation and the File System Object (FSO), all sorts of things are possible.The File System Object was introduced into Windows to provide a single common file-system COM interface for scripting languages.The FSO allows you to manipulate and shred path names, to copy, move, delete or create files or folders.You can check for their existence or get a number of objects and collections. This provides information about a logical drive (physical, or network) attached to the system, such as its share name, type, total space, and how much room is available This will give a list of the physical or logical drives attached to the system and includes all drives, regardless of type.

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With such a function, one can then do one’s own parsing and checking of data. Create the uft Read File As Table stored procedure in your test database, and try it out with something like: Just fill in an existing file name and path to the file you wish to read, instead of ‘My Path‘ and ‘My File Name‘, and away you go.