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Well she was wrong; I was fucking Gina for 45 minutes before I finally came.

“There now, now we have a sample, I’ll just take this to the lab to be tested” Emily said.

Wife sat opposite him on the table, so that he could see her pussy. After a few minutes, it was engulfed orgasm and she moaned loudly, holding her hips and pushing my head into his face pizdenku.

And I'm on my knees, began to lick ass and pussy wife.

“Okay, since normal methods of stimulation have yielded no sample, we will have to use this extreme method.” Emily said.

She stood me up, and pulled me by the cock to Gina and then pushed the head of my cock into Gina’s waiting pussy.

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She then used her hands on my hips to begin a rhythmic thrusting when she removed her hands and I kept rocking my cock in and out of Gina’s pussy.

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