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To intimidating people

Here is a list of considerations: Is it because of this person’s reputation?You may feel intimidated if the person’s reputation precedes them.I'm not even 5 foot tall however I have 17 drug addicted (usually male) veterans do as I say every single day.I didn't learn how to demand respect from an "ask men" site.There maybe truth in the opinions of others, but perhaps, with an open-mind, you might come to a different conclusion? You may be feeling intimidated because this person stands tall above you and their positioning and proximity could be overbearing. Is this person articulate who uses words you don’t understand?This person might be tall in stature, eliciting a ‘fight or flight’ response in you. Does this person use coarse language or aggressive words? Perhaps this person is a mystery to you – one moment they seem on side, and the next against you?

Consider what prejudices you bring to the table as much as what this person might bring. This person could be your boss – someone with genuine positional power over you.Anything you do is scrutinized, challenged or faces disagreement.A chance to reflect may give them the information they need to make a change.As mentioned above, you will probably feel that you’re not at the same level of this person.

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I don’t mean the level of seniority in the organization (although that does come into it.) I mean, you don’t feel that you have an equal part to play in your joint success. List the benefits you bring to this person, and how your work makes this person successful.