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The character is a teenage boy who goes to Fukoma High School.

The protagonist is a mostly unremarkable fellow, who lacks the strength, knowledge, or personality to get a girlfriend.

Eventually, players can give them gifts and go out on dates.

Talking to the girls during dates will prompt the players to answer questions about their personal information.

When she wakes up, she has completely forgotten who she is.

Ryuji wants the protagonist to avoid all of the girls in town, who he feels are rightfully his.He has a good friend called Ami, her best friend Kotomi,a crush on the popular girl Tomoko, an enemy called Ryuji, a lesbian teacher named Akira.One day, after praying to God for a miracle that will make him more attractive, he is visited by a girl from the future.She fires a special DNA gun at him and goes back into the future.Fortunately, the gun actually has the reverse effect; it gives the protagonist the ability to become the "megaplayboy" that the girl traveled back in time to stop.

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Apparently, she had gone back in time to manipulate the DNA of a "megaplayboy," who eventually had over 100 children, in order to help fight overpopulation.

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