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Shoshanna lonstein dating

Selecting the proper place for our rendezvous is crucial. A drunken stupor isn’t exactly an option here; luckily, Louis-Dreyfus is smart enough to turn even feeble straight lines into funny anecdotes.How can she resist the Bel-Air Hotel, site of the most romantic restaurant in town? Perfect – she’s been seated in a lush banquette beside the crackling fireplace. ” She sounds as if she’s trying to remember the Pleistocene Era. As Elaine, Louis-Dreyfus has dated one of the most bizarre collections of single maledom ever to flicker through prime time.“Jerry, Michael, Jason, me, we have a certain shorthand, the way we work, and I think we respect one another.So it’s a very even playing field, and it’s a very joyful playing field, and it makes the making-funny thing really gratifying. When all the elements come together …” Her words drift off. I hope in ten years I’ll be enjoying other creative experiences that are equally satisfying.“I had a date with a guy once, and he was dull,” she says. And it was only of clever, because I’m sure it wasn’t long before he realized what time it really was.” But by then she’d escaped. I mean, she’s hanging out with these three guys, in that ratty apartment – where’s the self-esteem there?“He took me out to dinner, and I couldn’t wait to get out. Elaine, according to Louis-Dreyfus, would benefit from a bit more of that kind of discretion. Elaine should be looking for an analyst, is what she should be looking for.” Grateful as Louis-Dreyfus is to have played a fantastically popular, deftly written, ballsy character, she has a surprising amount of disdain for Elaine. The story was about a cult-favorite sitcom called and the actress’s role as Elaine Benes, the title character’s frisky if self-absorbed ex-girlfriend. Since our first brief fling, I’ve watched longingly from afar as Louis-Dreyfus turned Elaine into the hilarious patron saint of single, neurotic Upper West Side women. If only for a brief late-afternoon interlude – I mean interview – in Los Angeles in December 1991. But there was that spark in her pale green eyes that spoke of … (Although if there’s no chemistry on a date, at least you don’t have to write it up and turn it in.) So for six years, I’ve wondered what would happen if fate assigned us – Julia and me – another Q&A.

He has been in relationships with Jennifer Crittenden (1998), Shoshanna Lonstein (1993-1997), Tawny Kitaen (1992, Susan Mc Nabb (1983-1990), Monica Yates (1978), Caryn Trager (1973-1978) and Angela Hickerson.

So I changed my watch under the table, as he was talking. “I think Elaine would go out with if they showed interest in her. Real Upper West Side single women talk about how Elaine gives them emotional comfort, helping them to see the humor in their lives, but Louis-Dreyfus finds Elaine frightening.

Then I sort of glanced at my watch and went, ‘Oh, my God! “If you hear a man say he’s looking for an Elaine-type woman,” Louis-Dreyfus says, “run in the opposite direction of that man. seasons, Louis-Dreyfus thinks there’s only one true marriage prospect. He’s so stupid, and she is so amazed at how stupid he is, and he’s so clearly irritated by how neurotic she is, that it must be explosive sexually, because that could be the only reasonable explanation for the two of them being together.” Elaine rarely goes very long without a serious relationship, which generates some disbelief from real-life singles.

In 1988, Seinfeld had also created The Seinfeld Chronicles with Larry David for NBC.

But later on, the show was given another name as Seinfeld.

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