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The concentrated settlements depended on the agricultural surpluses. They had large public areas such as plazas and platform mounds, where leaders lived or conducted rituals.

Mississippian civilization collapsed in Indiana during the mid-15th century for reasons that remain unclear.

During this stage, the people created large urban settlements designed according to their cosmology, with large mounds and plazas defining ceremonial and public spaces.In 1732 Sieur de Vincennes built a second fur trading post at Vincennes.French Canadian settlers, who had left the earlier post because of hostilities, returned in larger numbers.The Native American tribes of Indiana sided with the French Canadians during the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years' War).With British victory in 1763, the French were forced to cede all their lands in North America east of the Mississippi River and north and west of the colonies to the British crown.

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An early Woodland period group named the Adena people had elegant burial rituals, featuring log tombs beneath earth mounds.