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It sounded good to stay away from the mess I had gotten into and start over," she said. Elkhaliny had brutally beaten her at the Stone Oak home, so she sought shelter at longtime friend KC Perez's San Antonio apartment.She thought she was safe, but Elkhaliny had installed a tracking program to her i Pad, she said, and on July 9, he showed up.Thomas Culp said the attack had "profoundly" changed his daughter. They will not be identified in this story, as they could not be reached for comment.According to a 2014 protective order, Elkhaliny on various occasions hit, abused and threatened to kill his then-wife and daughter.A deputy pumped two shotgun rounds into Diesel, ending the attack and the dog's life.The marshals broke down Elkhaliny's bedroom door, yanked him down from a storage area above his closet, and arrested him.

"I had gotten in some trouble, and he had been a friend to me.

"He forces his way in, and I just think, 'Oh, crap. He then flipped over a glass coffee table, dragged Culp out to the apartment walkway and began punching and kicking her in the face and stomach before fleeing with Perez's phone so she could not contact authorities, according to Perez.

By the time police secured a warrant for his arrest related to the incident at Perez's apartment Elkhaliny was long gone, having followed Culp back to Corpus Christi, where he rammed his Viper into the back of her car, drove her off the road and guilted her into driving him to a doctor to get treatment for the arm he injured while beating her, Culp said.

Unconvinced by what she saw as a thinly veiled attempt to use her, she gave him a resolute no.

That response would leave her battered and bloodied, begging for help from a stranger at 1 a.m. Culp's father, Thomas Culp, described the four-hour long assault as a torture session.

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"Jacqueline said Bishoy told her that he was going to kill her and then himself." He pistol-whipped her several times, then set the pistol down and went to look for something in his truck.