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There was no formal screening of recruits; in some cases individuals were approached by teachers and encouraged to take part, and in a few others teachers actively deterred students from volunteering.The peer educators participated in a standardized training course (four 1-h meetings in school and a 2-day training workshop at a local community venue) developed and implemented by a team of experienced health promotion practitioners.brainstorming, role-playing, small group discussion) and lesson plans on one another, and to develop strategies for managing Year 9 students' potential loss of enthusiasm or disruption.Peer educators were encouraged to deal honestly and openly with factual questions, to respect confidentiality, to encourage the articulation of students' implicitly held values, and to use ground rules designed to deter personal comments and questions in their interaction with the target students.Year 12 students were told about the programme during assembly and/or form time.They were informed about the commitment involved in taking part and those who expressed an interest were asked to attend a further meeting.

Through analysis of 18 focus group discussions and of post-programme questionnaire data (n = 301), this paper aims to identify the issues and processes considered by peer educators to be important in implementing a peer education programme, and to examine peer educators' views on the relationship between themselves and the Year 9 students.

The training course provided information on a range of sexual health issues under the broad headings of relationships, STDs and contraception, and aimed to develop teaching/presentation skills.

Trainers encouraged peer educators to work in small groups, to test different activities (e.g.

Wherever possible, peer educators worked with the same group of students for all the sessions.

This paper draws mainly on data from the focus group discussions undertaken with peer educators after they had delivered the programme of sex education.

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They observed and recorded all the training sessions with peer educators and a sample of the peer-delivered sessions, administered questionnaires prior to programme training and after programme delivery, and facilitated focus group discussions with groups of peer educators in each cohort in each school at the end of the programme.