Real radio dating offer code

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Real radio dating offer code

Therefore, incredibly, recorded in the earth between the Temple Mount of Jerusalem and the historic center of London is what Flynn sees as the fulfillment of Newton’s own prediction: Israel became a nation again May 14th, 1948, corresponding perfectly to a distance between the temple and London of 1948 nautical miles. It turns out is 1,441,000 feet from the Jerusalem Temple to the Great Pyramid in Giza.

It seems that an awful lot of people have figured out a date for the start of the tribulation or the second coming.

It is like going to court and only hearing the case against the defendant and not ever hearing the defense.

This is why those that give doctoral theses also have to give a defense of their thesis.

Now we have the Mayan Calendar influence for 2012 that is plaguing us and helping to spawn these new theories.

I have news to a certain TV Bible prophecy teacher and everyone else, God has no reason to follow pagan calendars and theories.

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