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Radiometric dating equation used

Or can this be explained away by psychological or practical considerations?

In other words, Kepler’s theory is as complicated as it needs to be to explain reality.Another important point to consider is that in many cases a single physical law can cause a multitude of different effects which may not, at first, seem to be related.To give some classic examples, before Newton’s era it was not at all obvious that the force that causes us to fall to the ground when we jump is the same force that keeps planets in orbit in our solar system.Is beauty in physics evidence for some kind of “intelligent” universe, or are there more mundane explanations?Is elegance in mathematics evidence for an underlying structure to reality?

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If we replace and with their respective definitions, we are left with the markedly less simple looking equation: Derivative operations (which are taken a total of seven times in the above equation) are not themselves trivial operations, and are typically defined via a limiting procedure.