Radgrid not updating after databind dating in science

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Run the application, do any changes in database table, and u’ll find, the gridview data will be refreshed regularly at each time-interval specified(10 seconds) without any page-postback.

I have added a new event which is double click, and that event will be fired in a Call Back, everything now works fine, except that, I need to set the Grid in the Edit Mode. Databind() and now the row is being shown in the Edit Mode. I am attaching the code for you, you have mainly two properties till now, one to Enable Row Click and one to Enable Edit Callback, the second when you double click, the row is in editable mode, but when I click update nothing happens, no update is done. I even check to make sure the mode is edit by response.write(Details View. For that reason i have inherited a control from the Grid View class. now i want in button click event the total Grid View should be editable........ using a datagrid, it is SO easy, but with gridview, in order to just update a row, you have to make two extra calls to your database (1 to re-bind when going into edit mode and 1 to re-bind after updating). should those who don't hard code data connections into our gridviews really be punished? Text & """" End Sub Protected Sub gv Search_Sorting(By Val sender As System.

i have used datagrids with much ease and success, but gridview is just ridiculous. Data Source = Get Data(Get Search SQL, 1) gv Search.

here's the super difficult scenario that i am trying to work through: i have a text box. when you type something in the text box and hit the submit button, a dataview is correctly bound to the gridview. without any events handled, i get an error when the edit button is pressed.

Edit Index = -1 End Sub Protected Sub gv Search_Row Canceling Edit(By Val sender As System. i looked back at some code for a datagrid i had used and noticed that i do, in fact, rebind at every event. ok, so here's something that i think is a legitimate gripe, now that we've moved past the editing mode: retrieving values. and, i still haven't figured out how to get read-only values from cells. You can still search through the Cell's Controls collection to find your control (in the case of a Hyperlink Field, your control is of type Hyperlink), cast it to the right type, and then get the value you care about.

It's perfect for common scenarios where the page programmer doesn't want to control databinding. so this is me with egg and a sheepish grin on my face. Text with gridview (from what has worked, so far) dim str as string you tell me which one makes more sense?

I was away from my home for one week, now I am back! In the click event I change the mode for the Details View to edit. The total grid view will become editable in one Button Click. Is it possible to add that Inherited Control to the Visual Studio toolbox???????? PLz help me in Item Templete, Add Text Boxes , like u do in Edit Templete mean even itemtemplete should show Textbox Grid i have written a class, i m sure it can help u :) i have to say that i'm really really disappointed with how the gridview has totally increased the complexity of editing/updating data.

We use gridview to view data in tabular format on the web page.

If the web page is not reloaded for some time, and somedata manipulation(insert/update/delete) occurs at backend, then the viewer is presented with older(wrong) data.

If you're looking for an easier way to use the Grid View, I highly recommend that you look into using a Data Source control such as the Object Data Source or the Sql Data Source.

I hope this clears up the Grid View's two modes a little bit.

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The first is used when you set the Data Source ID property to the ID of a data source control.