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Scrimp and save money wherever you can so you can share your wealth with those around you. This quote carries on from the previous one by encouraging you to pursue holiness in little tasks throughout the day.

His whole life was dedicated to bringing heaven to earth: to making sainthood a goal that can be reached by anyone from any walk of life. Josemaria is not only a saint, but a hero in that he continues to inspire people to confront their lifestyles and make a choice to follow God. Augustine was raised Catholic but spent much of his youth partying and living it up with his girlfriend. It wasn’t until his thirties, when his girlfriend left him to join the convent, that he returned to the church.Even so, it can be difficult not to pass judgement in any given situation…especially if you are feeling hurt or betrayed.The truth is, it’s impossible to discern all of the motivations that go into a person’s decisions.Even then, he didn’t begin his theological studies until after his son died at the age of 16. Josemaria wants the world to know that everyone is capable of sainthood, and everyone should strive toward that end in all things.Now he is known as one of the most educated and profound theologians the world has ever known. This quote goes on to say, “Perseverance in little things for love is heroism.” We generally think of heroism as one great act of sacrifice for the good of others.

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