Punishment for dating in islam

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But the Shariah does have a clear position on sexual acts.

All sexual contact between unmarried men and women is forbidden.

The Quran deals explicitly with Sodomy (Liwat, named after Lot and his people).

The holy book recounts the story of Sodom several times, condemning its people’s overall immorality, and specifically criticizing its men for “going to men out of desire instead of to women.” Sodomy, understood as anal sex, was thus prohibited by the consensus of Muslim scholars (Muhammad’s condemnation of anal sex with wives added hetero anal sex to this as well).

Also like Judaism, the Shariah is first and foremost concerned with questions of proper worship, ritual purity, prohibited or permitted foods, sacred times and sacred places.

It’s a contract that makes sex and reproduction legal in the eyes of God and legitimate in the eyes of society.Like gays, they want to be able to define marriage free from majoritarian cultural biases.So many Muslims are willing to support the rights of other Americans to shape marriage according to their particular beliefs.Heirs to the Greeks, Muslim scholars found it expectable that men would be attracted to young boys or beautiful males, since they manifested the same feminine beauty as women.Many Muslim scholars even prohibited men from gazing at beautiful young boys, and encouraged parents to dress such children in veils when in public.

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On one hand, it’s nigh impossible to construct an argument by which sexual contact between men, let alone anal sex, is considered permissible in God’s eyes.

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