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Allie Fuller, however, has had a different experience of romance in the Rose City. That is, it's full of men your traditional single woman might not find too impressive -- or at least her parents might not find them too impressive.She's not sure if Portland men are too laid-back, Portland women too independent, or a combination of both. Long winters, reserved demeanors and inescapable exes are reasons why people say Portland can be a difficult place to date. Anyone frustrated with the dating or singles scenes. Besides, you have to wonder about the criteria employed by Dating Advice.Since she's met most of the men she's dated through friends and work associates, she's decided to focus on dating by referral."I have so many cool friends, and my cool friends have to have cool friends," she says with hopeful determination.Some forums can only be seen by registered members.The girls here are a bit too far off the crazyometer for me."I think what makes it easy is the friendliness of the city.

To keep family and friends apprised of her new life in Portland, she started a blog.

"In the meantime, I saw that he had a blog all about Portland." The two started chatting via e-mail.

Knowing Heather's situation -- new in town with no friends -- Dave invited her to Bailey's Taproom. "So on Valentine's Day 2008 we met for a beer." And that's how, just three weeks after moving to Portland, Heather Strom met her husband.

"People really seem to enjoy hating Valentine's Day together." Heather Strang, who does energy healing and coaching and specializes in dating and love, says the problem isn't Portland.

"I have clients on the East Coast, in California, all over the country, and they all say the same thing," Strang says.

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Their single women are all better off than Portland's, according to Dating Advice. I say my have a good nights and see ya tomorrows to about thirty people.

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