Pleasurebot sex talk dating a philipino shemale

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Pleasurebot sex talk

My full title is Pleasurebot 8, Design Model 11 which means I am a tall model (app.

5' 10" in height) with shoulder length red hair and large DD cup breasts.

Soundwave's recent defeat, the capture of Slipstream's brothers, and Lockdown's lack of bounty heads - save one - lead the three into conflict that gives way to an uneasy alliance of convenience and mutual advantage, with adventures off-planet. Cliffjumper doesn't agree this is a good idea at all, or that the Blessed even exist - this is stupid and a waste of time! thread=14063360#t14063360 Some time has passed since Rung's near-fatal head injury was repaired, but it seems to have reactivated a long-dormant piece of programming that's determined to bite him in the aft. This product may contain the following: "male on male" romance, multiple pairings, and copious amounts of pure, grade A crack. Can he withstand the boredom and the loneliness until his duty is done and the dawn comes?

The only other items there are matching silk underwear.

I would be impressed if a robot could be impressed with such matters!

The fact that I walk there totally naked is of no relevance, apart from the maintenance team, no one but other pleasurebots would see me at this stage anyway.

In fact I pass some, either returning from duties rendered, or indeed heading to duty themselves.

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I dress myself, something that might again surprise some, but our 'A.

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