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Oxygen isotope dating

Each element has a specific identifier, like 'C' for carbon, while a number placed before it identifies the isotope (e.g. Some elements have many isotopes, but there are two basic types: stable and unstable or radioactive.Stable isotopes do not change over time while radioactive isotopes decrease or decay over predictable periods.Teeth also consist of organic and inorganic materials, but unlike bone, once formed, dental enamel does not remodel.

Different plants take up carbon at different rates depending on the kind of plant and the climate it lives in.

Consequently, they are present throughout the environment in multiple forms.

For both elements, the ratio of their isotopes varies with temperature and climate and comparisons can be used to determine if an individual moved to different geographic areas during their lifetime or if two or more people are from the same area (and drank the same water).

To distinguish different isotopes from each other, scientists use special instruments called mass spectrometers. They are incorporated into the tissues of plants through soil and water and into animals through their eating, drinking and breathing.

An organism takes in isotopes throughout its lifetime, replacing them as the tissues (e.g., skin, hair, bone) are replaced.

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Using the relative amount of one isotope compared to another in an organism's tissues, scientists can determine important features about that organism's life.

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