Omarion dating 2016

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Omarion dating 2016

She is a great mother, and he will support her and his family."As for what's next?The insider shares, "She will be moving out and getting her own place."_________________________________________________________________________________It's over for Omarion and Apryl Jones.

They're not just exes; they have a child together.

The "Ice Box" singer split from April back in 2016, but the pair continues to co-parent.

Omarion and Lil Fizz have been at odds ever since Fizz reached out to Omarion about a potential B2K reunion and he never answered.

The singer posted a video of himself, chest naked, leading some to speculate if such video was appropriate for a man in a relationship.

News that Omarion and Apryl Jones "started to fade out of love.

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However, an unnamed source who was in the room told the gossip site that Aiko would not have liked what she saw.

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