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Curiously, the report revealed that more males in India had reported risks across the categories at 64%.

This may be because more women (61%) had tightened their privacy controls compared to males (50%) after experiencing online risk.

But the sweeping reach and possibilities of the internet have intensified risks and made those seeking companionship vulnerable to a 21st-century crime called ‘sextortion’ or sexual extortion. Excited at the possibility of moving his digital dating life into the real world, he went from matching on Tinder to chatting on Whats App to video-calling each other on Facebook within a few days.

On a late February evening after work, Rahul Mehta (name changed), a 27-year-old bachelor in Delhi, was settling into his favourite bedtime routine — swiping left and right on a dating app, looking for a potential mate. “Take off your T-shirt,” she wrote to Rahul one evening. The next thing he knew, Rahul had stripped and was climaxing in front of the camera.

Earlier this week Ontario's Education Minister announced plans to scrap the revised sex-ed curriculum, meaning teachers will have to go back to the version used 20 years ago.

Nadine Thornhill is creating an alternative way parents and their kids can use the material online.

But the upside is that matters of cybercrime and justice are being taken seriously by law enforcers and social media.

“Victims and service-providers need to come forward to help us trace and bust such syndicates,” he adds.

Historically, Cloudflare has been careful about what it bans from its platform. But we also have an obligation to comply with the law.” FOSTA, signed by President Trump on April 11th, aims to fight sex trafficking by reducing legal protections for online platforms.The predators hiding behind the photograph or fake webcam video of an attractive woman are almost always men too.The scammer could be an old flame, a neighbour or a honey trap most likely in the Philippines or Nigeria.“Scared of how it might destroy his marriage, he came to me and the police. It turned out to be a man and he was arrested,” says Ritesh Bhatia, a Mumbai-based cybercrime investigator who has witnessed a spike in sextortion cases in the past one year. Earlier this year, a 65-year-old man from Nashik got ripped off by Rs 8.32 lakh by his sexting partner.Intervention by cops helped seize the scammer’s account.

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