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Narayani and Gaurav were in a long-term relationship before they parted ways. Spilling some beans on her absence from Gaurav's wedding, Narayani, who is now happily married to Steven Graver aka Tony, told Spotboy E: "Well, I was supposed to go to the wedding.

(Check out all the photos here)Gaurav’s ex-girlfriend, Narayani Shastri was one of those few people who knew about the wedding. Gaurav loves her a lot and she doesn’t have to fear anything.

I’m sure a lot of you guys remember witnessing Narayani Shastri and Gaurav Chopra‘s crackling chemistry in a popular couple dance reality show.

Though the audience always rooted for this duo, fate had other plans for them.

Mumbai: Actors Gaurav Chopraa and Narayani Shastri continue to share a bond despite their split. In a chat with host Rajeev Khandelwal for Zee TV's chat show Narayani said: "Gaurav and I were very open about our relationship and everybody knew about it.

When you try to keep in touch or be friends with your ex, it is awkward initially because you are moving from one phase to another, but eventually the awkwardness just disappears and you just get used to it." Gaurav added: "It is somewhat difficult, but in our case, we understood that we are better off as friends and not as a couple." Asked how their respective partners feel about their bond of friendship, Narayani said: "I have to be careful.

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  1. So when you figure out if you really want to be married, also make it clear to yourself what being married means to you. What if this conversation happens with one person wanting kids and the other not after they are married for a while?