Myspace dating scams

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Myspace dating scams

If someone offers you a discounted DStv subscription at a once off payment, treat this with suspicion and check it with us.To check if someone is a DStv accredited installer – ask them for their DStv ID card, which specifies their qualification as well as the accredited company they work for. Hints and tips to help you identify a scam While some scams are difficult to identify, there are usually tell-tale signs that can help you spot if something is a scam.Scammers create fake online profiles on dating websites and social media, and attempt to gain their victim's affection and trust.They develop the relationship over an extended period of time, increasing their victim's trust.

Always make your payments directly to Multi Choice through these payment methods.Scammers may also say they have an emergency, such as a sick family member and need help covering costs.Protect yourself by never, under any circumstances, sending money for any reason.Once they feel they have your trust, they request money for an unexpected medical emergency or legal fee. Take a look at their social profiles on facebook and Linked In. Make sure their story matches their profile regarding where they live, what they do for work, family status, vacations, pictures, etc...Long distance relationships do happen, but if you're actually looking for an offline relationship, the long distance online relationship is unlikely to turn into a real life local one.

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Every advert has a reference number which can be verified against opportunities posted to the Afrizan website.

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