My mom in a sex chat

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My mom in a sex chat

It was only after I started to rock my hips, that mom remember that I was fucking her and she started to bounce up and down again and pushed my wife down to her knees.Debbie knew what was expected and began licking her mother in law's wet pussy as I continued fucking my mother.

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As we sat at the kitchen table naked having dinner I asked her more questions about my dad and their sex life and did she like how he had treated her and was he a good husband. After, I finished my phone with my wife, mom asked.

She explained that she had enjoyed their sexual adventures and sometimes she would pick out who she wanted to have sex with. "Are you going to tell Debbie all about what has happened today? "Not at all, in fact Debbie will be excited with what has happened." I explained and went on to tell her, "We have swinged with others before, and have others we regularly fuck." I reached out and kissed my mother and squeezed her breasts and run my hand down over her now bald slit and said.

We sat there having our coffee and chatted some more about what we both liked sexually.

Our chat had caused my cock to become hard and mom started playing with my hard cock.

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I heard a noise and looked up to see my wife Debbie standing there watching us, holding her dress up with one hand and her other hand inside her panties fingering herself, when my mother saw Debbie approaching us at first she was shocked, then when she saw the smile on Debbie's face and watched as Debbie's dress dropped to the floor and Debbie remove her bra.

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