My christian daughter is dating a mormon

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They are both told they can't go wrong with a Temple marriage. So, these kids come soon and the young parents are both deeply trapped in the Mormon church for the rest of their lives They get sucked into this stupid swamp early in life before they even know who they are. This life is really the sh*ts so every decision you make is supposed to prepare for a better life to come after you leave this life.

It is a rather sad way to spend the time we have here.

She certainly didn't fit the mormon image, but she kept coming back at him with a mission and temple marriage--and I won't go into what I saw her as.

She just would keep saying the things she heard her parents say.

They had dated for 3 years, then she was ready to get married but he wasnt ready yet.

A couple of months after learning the truth about Mormonism, I was working with a girl in her early-twenties who had done just that.

I was still living in Utah, and one day when I went to pick her up at a job site for one of the special needs students we worked with, she was talking with a man.

So often, love or even basic compatibility has nothing to do with it. It was about marriage and I think it was out of the last manual before J Smith teachings, but it was along the same lines. I commented that I felt differently, but maybe that was just me. Mormon boys come home from two-year missions with their hormones boiling, and are then told to marry soon.

So our HPGL said that you could pair any two together and if they really lived their religion, there would be no reason not to have a happy marriage. Mormon Girls are in a panick to get engaged before the end of collage (at BYU).

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I can't tell you how many hasty engagements and marriages I've witnessed between my friends and acquaintances over the years.

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