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Mommy free chat

Most days I feel every year of that forty one." "You don't look it though Lois." "I think you both look great whatever the age." Todd interjected. Three weeks would give her just the time she would need to get over her tendinitis flare up." "I wouldn't want to impose like that." Inger said. You certainly have the muscles for it." As Inger said this she stroked his forearm from elbow to wrist.

"I'm sure the young man has a lot of other things he would rather be doing than milking cows for an old lady." "I wouldn't mind. When she did so her right breast pressed against his upper arm.

Todd blushed but did not move away from the contact.

"I was born in nineteen twenty three which makes me forty eight and I doubt if your mother has seen forty summers yet." "Forty one actually but thank you. You have raised quite the young man here Lois." "Todd." Lois said turning to her son, "Do you think your schedule would allow for helping Mrs Jensen for a few weeks before you go off to college.

"My hands have started cramping and hurting a lot the past few weeks. No need to be embarrassed." "Well, the last time I had this condition the doctor diagnosed it as tendinitis and had me stop milking the cows for a few weeks. I know it seems foolish to want to continue hand milking cows but it's a hard tradition to break.

******** That first July morning when Todd arrived at the Jensens farmhouse door well before dawn was a very exciting one for him.He had never given any thought to Mrs Jensen as a sexual being but then he hadn't really seen her much since he was ten years old. " "I don't think so." "It doesn't matter," Inger said. It seems like another life." "How have you been managing over there by yourself Inger?His mother was seemingly oblivious to the subtle hints of her attraction to him that Inger was putting out. It seems like a lot of work for one person to manage even a small farm like yours." "It is hard.There are times when I could really use some help." "What kind of help Inger? " Inger hesitated some before responding to that question.She knew that if she started down the road she was considering it would probably change a lot of things for all three of them in this country farm kitchen.

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