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One of the most common and heartbreaking topics I’m asked about is dealing with fathers who don’t see their kids regularly.A recent caller to Like a Mother, had a typically devastating situation: Her 11 year-old-daughter’s father would go months without seeing the girl, and instead spent all his time with his new girlfriend.Recognizing that allows me to be kinder to him, spend less toxic mental energy managing the situation.I’m a happier person and better mom because of all of the above.

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When we got there we took a cab over to are hotel and unpacked.

it was me and scott in one room and nicki and paula in the room next door.

During our first day in england we did all the tourist things people did, saw big ben, rode on the big ferris wheel, visited the royal palace, and even messed with the guards on the outside trying to get them to move haha because we are stupid like that.

When night came was when we got really excited because we wanted to hit the clubs.

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These facts are important to mention here in this post about MIA fathers. Listen to my Like a Mother episode ‘If he doesn’t see his kids, don’t fuck him’: Related: What to tell your kid when their dad is not involved My kid’s dad isn’t involved and I don’t know what to say The real reason your ex doesn’t see the kids Close the pay gap? 50-50 visitation and no child support Should you date a guy who doesn’t see his kids?

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