Kannada sex chat facebook in msg

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Kannada sex chat facebook in msg

Like that time you told your girlfriend you “stayed in” on Friday night, but your Four Square check-ins said otherwise.RULE 29: Remember information a friend posts about you can have real-world consequences.You can unsend a message by tapping and holding it, hitting the Delete symbol and selecting Delete for Everyone.

The social media giant owns the messaging company, having bought it for billion back in 2014, and appears to be trying to tie the two services closer together.

There’s no need for 500 people to see your dirty laundry.

RULE 34: Do not say anything disrespectful about someone on Facebook.

You know, because all those random chicks you added during your freshman year in college will appreciate it.

RULE 18: Wish your close friend happy birthday in some way other than Facebook.

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If you propose to your girlfriend of 6 years and your brother doesn’t hear about it before your other 1,767 friends, he has the right to deck you. That’s code for: Don’t piss off anyone who has dirt on you.