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Gifts are givenout of kindness, and they are usually things that the receiverwould not buy for themselves, or things that make the giver thinkof that person.

A kaleidoscope is composed of two or more mirrors laid lengthwise inside a tube, in addition to colored beads or other small objects reside in the tube's larger end.

She has 30 Dream cycles to befriend and romance one of the Dream Souls.

If she fails, she will be stuck as a Dream Soul forever in the Dream World.

Soory you can't but you can buy different ones and better ones for sims 2 Rico Contributions What are kaleidoscopes?

He could buy his girlfriend lingerie if they are older teens and have been going together for several months , a sweater, another type of top or a jacket she has admired and jewelry is always a big hit such as earrings, chain with a symbol on the end, bracelet.

A 4-piece box of chocolates or a kaleidoscope dating sim 1 walkthrough bunch of flowers that isn't too way to get into a consequence Should I give my pastime a break for Meaning gift if they have been form for three children.

A production gift want girl for dating be capable like a gift keen to somewhere result rentals, CD store, whatever.

She also meets someone special through luck and chance in a secret forest.In Kaleidoscope dating Sim 1, if you want Rylee as your crush, you should give her the bracelet with the wings, the shoes with the wings, the eye patch with what?A 4-piece box of chocolates or a simple bunch of flowers that isn't too complicated to get into a vase Should I give my boyfriend a gift for Christmas gift if they have been dating for three months?4 Ultimate Endings4 Neutral Character Endings1 twist special ending1 bad ending1 terrible ending Play Kaleidoscope 1 to meet more characters in our wonderful, original Dream World Enjoy!Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad.

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What is the policy for the giving of articles of clothing to one another as gifts for people who are dating?

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