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It’s not a compromise, but something better entirely, the ultimate resolution of a tormented tangle. But where the theory falls down is that it relies entirely for both its logic and spirit on a theoretical occupant, who rarely exists: a reasoned and balanced, sociable, youthful, fit and healthy, self-reliant, apolitical, autonomous, collaborative knowledge worker freed of menial process and routine (and often ritual), carrying future-crunching technology, one who has dispensed with the overriding and innate need to call a place .

Like the ones in the stock photos, were they able to come to life.

The ‘agile workplace’ is interchangeable with the clumsy yet more self-explanatory ‘activity based workplace’ that preceded it, first appearing in a paper 35 years ago.

Yet we’re never going to be like that, and our overriding need to construct patterns of habit and familiarity, to create the mental space we need to do our job will forever outweigh our curiosity to experiment and change our scenery and company with any degree of frequency.The promise of collaboration, wellbeing and an environment for innovation and creativity and all the other vacuous BS-bingo ideas are just the window dressing on the CFO’s desire to save money.You can be forgiven for not believing the idea that cost reduction is not a business strategy, because this is where it plays out.Guess fans will have to wait and see if there’s a love connection or not.of course, originating in the wonderfully-named Snowbird, Utah in 2001 – and then everyone else jumped all over it. The thesaurus threw up little in the way of usable alternatives for workplace – frisky working, anyone?

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It’s then very handy for leadership to have everyone who is not in the exclusive club working in the same way, it gives far greater control.