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That she'd have the balls to call her oldest friend.That everything in her life didn't have to be so complicated.Over the weekend, Justin Bieber confirmed his renewed romance with his ex-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin—the one who allegedly caused issues in Bieber's last relationship with Selena Gomez—via a Brooklyn park makeout, following their general Miami-New York City PDA tour.Meanwhile, Gomez was busy traveling to Italy to live her best single life in Rome.The story deviates from "reality" somewhere in fall 2009.They have to leave right after the show for Minneapolis, and Demi wishes that she could have spent the night instead sharing a bed with Joe. Outed as being a person with powers, he’s sent to The Mountain to learn how to control them.

Nicole had kind of thought when she cut Nick off that would be the end of it, that there couldn't possibly be another pair of brothers quite like him and Joe, at least not another pair she was likely to run into.The actress was photographed out with her Gomez and Henrie have remained good friends since wrapping the Disney Channel show in 2012 that helped them both break out as child stars.Gomez went to Henrie's wedding last April and got straight-up mushy writing about it.This is a story about finding yourself and then finding your way back.Set six years in the future, it is the story of Nick and Miley's separate struggles with the choices they've made and who they've become, and how the choices they make next will change the rest of their lives.

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After seven years working field for the FBI and three years having a workaholic forensic anthropologist for a partner, waking up in the middle of the night to vicious cellphone ringing has dropped so low down David's list of annoyances it doesn't even register anymore.

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