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Posted by / 07-Nov-2019 04:10

New research has revealed that a shocking 15 million drivers in the UK could be at risk of invalidating their car insurance premium.

Common policy errors are causing millions of drivers to invalidate their insurance premium.

An additional one in six (16 per cent) have driven in flip flops, and barefoot (15 per cent).

Any one of these simple errors is enough for an insurer to refuse to pay out.

If you spot any signs of vermin, make sure you take appropriate measures – whether it’s calling pest control or laying traps and poison to keep them away.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, there are plenty of things you can do without having to pay for a professional to do the job.

So if you lose your keys or give them to someone, you may not be able to make a claim if your house was burgled.

So it’s best to take action early and make sure your home isn’t damaged by pests.So if you have any DIY mishaps, you’ll be covered for any damage.Find out the optional extras on our home insurance If your home is burgled, you may not be able to claim for everything that’s stolen unless you can prove to your insurer that it was the result of forced entry.Thinking about adding some tinted windows, a body kit or even a new suspension to your car? Any changes to the car – whether they’re cosmetic or to improve performance – can affect the cost of your insurance.Contact your insurer before making any changes to check how this will affect your premiums.

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When you take out car insurance, your insurer will highlight your policy’s key facts and exclusions and you should check your policy document when you receive it.