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Intimidating techniques

Power relationships are hot-beds, if you will, for this out-right evil tool of hidden manipulation which thrives on the aggressor dominating and asserting power, coupled with the victim acquiescing to their demands and giving them power.

Although, traditionally seen in male/female romantic relationships, Gaslighting can, and often does occur in parent-to-child relationships with mothers the common perpetrators.

Often the interviewer is just trying to see how you'll handle yourself under pressure.

Prepare for Negative Responses If the interviewer is trying to see how you handle negative feedback, they may say things like "I've never heard a worse answer to that question before." Well, truth be told, they wouldn't tell you if they had heard a worse answer, but they're trying to intimidate and scare you.

Be ready for that negative response, and don't let it get you nervous.

If you go into your interview ready for an assault, you'll find that it will be much easier to hold up under the pressure of negative feedback.

We sweat bullets through every minute of the interview, and sigh with relief the minute we finally escape from the sweatbox where we just spent the last half hour trying not to break down. It's tough, but you can handle it if you're prepared.

Personally, I believe the later version of the film with Boyer and Bergman tells a better story and better defines the hidden manipulative behavior in question than the original film. The gaslighter’s over all goal is to modify evidence then falsify information for the purpose of making their intended target(s) question their own recollection, memory, analysis, and perception of events and/or behaviors.

I strongly recommend to the reader that if you have not seen the film, then go now – after you finish reading this, of course – and rent it from Netflix for a better understanding of the behavior in action. In other words, they reject reality and substitute it with their own for personal gain and entertainment.

Do you have any horrible experiences of with intimidating interviewers?

*This week has been a marathon of activity in which I have accomplished much but produced little in terms of writing.

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Unfortunately, that post must wait until Monday for completion. it’s complicated.) However, as a precursor to my up-coming post on BDP, I have decided to re-post a short and to-the-point piece that I wrote over a year ago regarding a manipulative tactic used by emotional abusers referred to as “The Gaslight Effect.” My hope is that the reader will gain not only knowledge of this diabolical technique but also gain effective tools of response to combat pervasive psychological warfare perpetrated by those who wish to control them and do them significant harm.

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