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A perfect example of a beta male who isn't happy with being beta is anyone who is excessively bossy, who seems to enjoy inciting fights, and who often attempts tasks, careers, or sexual conquests that are clearly above his head.He might be angry, unsatisfied, and envious of alpha males. Muscles, a facial tattoo, physical abuse, and a career in professional heavy weight boxing (I'm mentioning no names here), do not make an alpha male. It's intangible to everyone but an endocrinologist.Finding the alpha male in modern times can be more difficult than it once was…unless you know what to look for.Sure, men aren't tackling boars, skinning tigers, rearranging molars, and making genetic deposits, all before 9 a.m., anymore.It's testosterone, and it's the most powerful element in crafting this creature that we epitomize, idealize, and despise -- The Alpha Male.Primate Discussions with Alpha Males of the Ape Persuasion Whether or not you embrace the idea of evolution, there's little evidence with which to deny the existence of a genetic link between humans and our ape relatives.Look, here's my exposed jugular to prove it."• He'll show no sign of nervousness -- no high-chest breathing, no fidgeting, no jumping like Richard Simmons on caffeine.• He'll ask questions of his cohorts, as if every meeting was a reenactment of the Spanish Inquisition.

"Alpha man" is only correctly used when it refers to a man who reigns over ALL of his kingdom -- women, children, animals, the television remote -- in a tyrannical manner not unlike that of Adolph Hitler or Archie Bunker.

• He'll attempt to sit or stand the tallest.• By inflating his chest, widening his shoulders, putting his hands on his hips, and/or spreading his feet apart when standing, he's attempting to appear larger -- to take up more room than a bull elephant in musk.• When sitting, he might put his feet on a desk, place his hands behind his head, spread his legs…again, to appear larger and take more than his allotted portion of air space.• He will have no doubts about holding his chin high, exposing his neck.

This evolutionary hold-over behavior says, "I'm not afraid of any of you.

He'll disclose very little about himself.• In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, he might be a close talker. He's taking his piece of the floor out of someone else's…just because he can.

Next time you're on the couch with your remote, a bucket of wings, and nothing to watch but old Barbara Walters interviews or red carpet celebrity herding, watch the body language, and movement and speech mannerisms, of Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, George Clooney, or Brad Pitt.

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In fact, many alpha males have learned to capitalize on their already attractive assets with a syrupy, sweet demeanor, further securing their reign.

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