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It also reduced the call-up through a birthday ballot from the second intake of 1957. The last intake of the first scheme was in August, 1959. National Servicemen were on Naval ships that visited Korean waters during hostilities. They also were at the atomic bomb tests in 1952 at Monte Bello Islands in Western Australia and in 1956 at Maralinga in South Australia. The outbreak of the Korean war in 1950, coupled with the Malayan Emergency and the Viet Minh uprising against the French in Vietnam, appeared to threaten Australia directly. Recruiting for the regular Armed Services proving insufficient, the Menzies Government re-introduced conscription which had ended in 1945. National Service was in the Australian tradition since Federation in 1901 of volunteer forces for overseas service backed up by a pool of basically trained men in the Naval Reserve, the Citizens Military Forces and the Citizens Air Force. Overseas service was automatic in the Navy and Air Force. World War Two militia had been restricted to Australia and territories in the south-west Pacific. A major change for the Army was that National Servicemen were given the option, at call-up, to volunteer for service anywhere overseas if war occurred. The Korean armistice was signed in 1953 and no new direct threats developed during that decade, so the basic role of National Servicemen was as reservists.

The Navy and Air Force gave preference to family of former personnel or members of Cadet units.

The locations of the Battalions were: Queensland, 11 Battalion at Wacol; New South Wales, 12 Battalion at Singleton and Holsworthy, 13 Battalion at Ingleburn and 19 Battalion at Old Holsworthy and Holsworthy; Victoria, 14, 15 and 20 Battalions at Puckapunyal and Watsonia; South Australia, 16 Battalion at Woodside; Western Australia, 17 Battalion at Swanbourne; Tasmania, 18 Battalion at Brighton.

The 11th Battalion, with 1500 trainees at its peak, was the largest. Trainees from the northern rivers of New South Wales from Tweed Heads to Newcastle and the New England tableland were sent north to Wacol or south to Singleton and Sydney as required.

Army trainees initially were required to serve 98 days continuous basic training followed by 78 days training in the Citizen Military Force over three years.

Army Nashos without a unit near their home, if required, returned to the nearest base to complete their obligation.

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He has increased the site space to 2 GB, which is a 6-fold increase from what i had so far. Michal Includes National Servicemen who enlisted upon call-up or re-enlisted and voluntary National Servicemen Compiled: Allen Callaghan B. Oct.2005 Sources: Australian War Memorial, Canberra Army Central Records Office, Melbourne Between 19, a total of 287,000 young Australian men were called up in two separate schemes for compulsory training in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

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