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Greek men make good fathers and providers and tend to be the decision-makers of the family unit.On the whole Greek men are highly demonstrative and spontaneous in nature.These people can have difficulty committing, their parents would like them to marry Greeks.If not, it’s upsetting to them.” Sellia said she hopes to make an impact on the Greek-American community with her new initiatives.As a tourist, you can leave behind that dreary job, the relationship youve squeezed dry, and become someone new in a country with a beauty that few places can match, and a passionate people that truly enjoy having a good time. Being a Greek-American, I have come to know Greece both as a tourist and as a resident citizen.Greece is the land where you laze about on hot summer days and let your wild side out at night. No computer nerds herefor a Greek theres always room for fun and passion, as the story of the great Onassis so clearly demonstrates. To the tourist Greece can seem like Paradise, but when you live here, it often seems more like Purgatory.The Greek Orthodox Church is an integral part of life in Greece and religion is practiced by the majority of the population.

80% of Greece is mountainous; the climate is mild with warm and dry summers and with rainy winters.

“I don’t always go by a certain criteria — we have to follow our gut and see if it works out.

A lot of times people who we never thought would be together, end up together.

I’ve already seen a lot of people, and it’s been great.

“In Greece, people still think family friends and all that is concrete.

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