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It was Turner, when he heard about the guy’s complaints who went back later to give him a signed copy of a newly published coffee table edition of the book We based ourselves for our trip at the Cornwall Hotel in St Austell was once a private mansion with sprawling grounds and a laid-back ambience.

It’s also where some of the stars stay when filming at nearby Charlestown, including Turner.

My partner in odysseys big and small, Jim, and I had gone to Cornwell in search of the locations from the show – the wild romantic clifftops that are momentous even without Turner in his tricorn galloping Seamus in a flat race, close to the edge; the long sandy beaches, like Holywell and Porthcurno, and also locations on the north coast that inspired Winston Graham’s 12-novel saga which he started in the 1940s.

We wanted to see the locations that feature so iconically, like historic Charlestown harbour near St Austell, with its Tall Ships, that is possibly the most Poldarkian of locations.

What I did find on my travels, however, were some fascinating snippets relating to the creation of the Poldark book saga and the wonderful TV series, returning this Sunday (series 4) on BBC1.

I discovered that the creator of the Poldark books, Winston Graham, had another family name in mind originally for his 18th-century hero – an outrageous idea!

He stays in one of the suites, and having been sworn to secrecy, I can’t reveal which one.

This is also a favourite site in the TV series for the pair to have a romantic wander or for the often hot-headed Ross to outrun his constant frustrations with 18 At Porthcurno there’s also a museum, though not a Poldark museum, but the assistants are knowledgeable about the film shoots and have met a lot of the crew.

Land’s End sadly felt like a Disney theme park, where tourists were jostling for a place in front of the famous signpost (John ‘O Groats one way, New York the other) to take selfies, most of which were comically ruined by a horrible hoolie blowing in from the sea that made your hair shoot skywards – a Cornwall quirk.

We didn’t hang about but headed north to the Tin Coast where once was located some of the biggest tin and copper mines in Cornwall.

AS someone with a healthy obsession for the Poldark phenomenon, I recently travelled to Cornwall, where this historic tale was spawned, to get a better handle on the whole thing, and to see if this wild outpost was now awash with Poldark ambience.

Would I meet rural folk lugging scythes and imploring me to “have a care! Or find that the famous Cornish pasty is now shaped like a tricorn hat?

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When he calls for room service the housemaids apparently champ at the bit to see who can deliver breakfast to the suite.