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Gay speed dating honolulu

The pills were down in the crook of the pipe, and when she wanted them she just pulled them up by the almost invisible string.

I dumped all that junk down the toilet and flushed it away." When Otash confronted Garland, she demanded to know why he had destroyed the stash.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

“I listened to Marilyn Monroe die,” he claims in the notes, without elaborating, adding that he had taped an angry confrontation among Bobby Kennedy, Lawford and Monroe just hours before her death: “She said she was passed around like a piece of meat.But she was obviously out of it most of the time." [pagebreak] He continued: "I gathered up all the bottles and locked them up. You wouldn't believe the cleverness of that woman in stashing her drugs so nobody could find them. Uppers, downers and some I didn't even recognize.They were stuffed into a hole she'd cut under the mattress and in rubber fingers tied at the top with the string tied again around the faucet of the washbasin.But I don't want to get into the moans and groans of their relationship.They were having a sexual relationship -- period." STORY: Cannes: Worldview Options Andrew Dominik's Marilyn Monroe Pic ' Blond' One of the files also centers on Judy Garland, who hired Otash to protect her after she split from her third husband, Sid Luft, in 1963.

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