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Free srx chatting without signing up

In Texas, struggling inventor Cade Yeager and his friend/employee Lucas Flannery meet at an old theater, looking for salvage.

He finds an old truck, and upon inspection it seems to be full of artillery shells.

The agents swarm the barn, but there is no trace of Prime inside.

When Savoy threatens Tessa to force Cade to tell him of Prime's whereabouts, the Autobot leader explodes out of the barn's basement in which he was hiding.

He buys the truck along with the other theater equipment and puts it in his garage.

Tessa, Cade's daughter, observes this while video-chatting with her boyfriend and criticizes her dad for buying the heap of junk.

However, Savoy dismisses his pleas as his sister was killed in Chicago.

As Cade catches one of Cemetery Wind's mini drones, a white rally car zooms over the adjacent fields and picks up the Yeagers and Lucas.Cade offers to repair him, and sends Lucas to buy the parts that will enable him to fix Optimus.Cade and Optimus begin to bond as the repairs begin.The alien ships launch dozens of strange Seeds across the planet.As they detonate, they convert the landscape and the herds of panicking dinosaurs into a metallic substance, ending the Age of Dinosaurs.

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