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I face it for the first time with a sense of hope, because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too." Play clip (excerpt):(static, transmission) "Ash, Captain Dallas.

I watched my father die in a British prison for somethin' he didn't do. I want to tell them that until my father is proved innocent, until all the people involved in this case are proved innocent, until the guilty ones are brought to justice, I will fight on in the name of my father and of the truth! And he'd say, 'That's the way it goes, but don't forget, it goes the other way too.' That's the way romance is.

So he goes to this frog, who naturally enough can swim, and he says, 'Uh, excuse me, Mr. I want to go across the river.' So the frog accepts the idea. Down in the flat, we'll have a little field of..." - "field of alfalfa for the rabbits." - "..the rabbits." - "And I get to tend the rabbits..." (mercy-killing of Lennie) Play clip (excerpt): - "This is a winner, Griffin. I'm listening." - "Well, I don't think any of us want to be alone." (voice-over) "Why love, if losing hurts so much?

It broke off." - "That's because you crack your knuckles all the time. '"- "George, but tell, tell now how it's gonna be." - "We're gonna get a little place." - "Okay, yeah, we're gonna get a little place and we gonna..." - "We're gonna..." - "...." - "We'll have a cow, and some pigs, and we're gonna have, maybe-maybe, a chicken. " - "If the price is right, you got it." - "If you can guarantee me that ending, you got a deal." - "I guarantee it, Griff." - "What do you call this thing anyway? I mean, I probably know more about love from books than from personal experience." - "Go on.

Up or down, thin or flush, in 47 years they never left each other's side. Among the pallbearers at his funeral were early Western movie stars William S. Tom Mix wept." Play clip (excerpt): (voice-over from beginning and at the end of the film) "I had to come all the way from the highways and byways of Tallahassee, Florida to Motor City, Detroit to find my true love. See, now I'm thinkin' maybe it means you're the evil man, and I'm the righteous man, and Mr. Go." - "I think we should be leaving now." - "Yeah. It was nice to see them, but it wasn't like the old days. Maybe you feel a little lost while it's happening, but later you realize it was the best part of the whole trip.""...

Wyatt and Josephine embarked on a series of adventures. Hey, I know this." - "I'm gonna share that for show-and-tell because Grandma used to read it to you." - "My favorite book. But I saw some s--t this mornin' made me think twice. You plan everything out but then one day you make a wrong turn or take a detour and you end up in some crazy place you can't even find on the map, doing something you never thought you'd do.

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I wept because the process by which I had become a woman was painful. I wept because I had lost my pain and I was not yet accustomed to its absence." Play clip (excerpt): - "Well, someone has to find an open store. " - "Just hung around." - "Bring your stuff upstairs." - "He went shopping?

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