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I would LOVE to be part of something like that, phone sex seems ideal for me but I don't like the idea of being exploited or used then dropped by these big chain companies.(if it's immediately, then I assume I was not successful) Is there any other sites I could try ?

ok basically i want to ork from home and ave been researchin what to do and ave found it looks like adult chat lines might b the best suited for me just wondered if n e one as n e info or links etc that would help me if u like pm me if u dont want to post a reply thank u all and pls dont judge me liv xxhey, it seems like there is a lot of women on here interested in phone sex/sms anyone have any knowledge in setting up a business?

Everything I asked – like why the embassy couldn't help – he always had an answer for.'I believed I had started a relationship but looking back I was obviously being groomed.

If customers can’t reach you about a dispute, they will call their card issuer, which might lead to a chargeback.

In payment processing, best practices are built on the following principles: These general best practice approaches outline how you can use Card Not Present (CNP) fundamentals to save money, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency when processing digital and direct payments.

This will provide your credit card processor with additional evidence to fight chargebacks and win representments.

Also ask for the “CID” digits on the credit card to establish the customer’s physical possession of the card.

Added Protection: Online merchants should consider using “Verified by Visa®” or Master Card®’s “Secure Code.” Ask your processor if these enhanced anti-fraud programs are right for you.(CNP) is a card purchase transacted via the telephone, internet, mail, or mobile whereby the physical card is not swiped through a card reader.

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:) At first, I wasn't sure online dating was for me.