Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled dating antigua and

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Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled

Updating a database using a Details View control with a dropdown list control Hi everyone, I have a templated field on a Details View control that displays an integer ID value taken from a database table.The item template uses a label control to display the ID number.The details view enters the itemupdating event but cannot enter the loop for finding newvalues. Unable to update the values for the cloumn which have null values in detailsview control i m updating a record in a details view by clicking update button. If that is all you want then you can just use that.I m able to change the values of the various columns which have non null values. If you want to access the currently selected item you can use dropdownlist.selecteditem and that return the item and you can then access any of the item's properties, including in this case the value property. Setting control values in Initialize event will not post the new value.I then have a button I click and I want to pass that value from that textbox to the textbox in the detailsview. Here is the code I use for getting the value from the dhtml window and assigning it to the detailsview textbox: If e. How do I update from two Details View controls using thebuilt-in Update button of one control? I want to update my database with the values in both the first and second Details View controls when I click the Update button on the first control. How to get new updated values from detailsview on item updating event Hi, I have been researching quite a bit but could not achieve a solution to this problem.Actually, I want to do the same thing with the Insert(Add) button. I have a grid and detailsview which acts as master details.

The third dropdown list should show/fill values depending on value chosen in second dropdown list.NET framework and programming arena in general however today I started looking at using some of the built in controls microsoft provide for data access to put together a quick prototype (haha - could have written the damn thing by hand by now).however, I dont like to let things like this beat me (even if I have to come begging for help).I have a webpage (sector_item.aspx) with code behind (VB.NET 2.0 in this case as the client has a preference to VB) however feel free to answer in C# if its easier.

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I have tried many many ways to find Control but all fail.

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